Teko Bailey | When Adversity Strikes
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When Adversity Strikes

Are you the type of person to get stuck, depressed, lose focus or feel as though the world is closing in when adversity strikes? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone, life is full of adversity and daily challenges but, it is how we respond that determines our future.

During my Sophomore year at university I could remember failing one my courses, Music Orchestration and I was devastated. At that time the only thoughts in my head were that I would never be able to succeed at this course and I was already struggling to keep a good GPA. Luckily I had a professor who believed in my potential. He took the time to show me the areas I needed to work on and with the help of a tutor who gave some mentorship I did a resit and, I passed.

Life is full of adversity & daily challenges but, how we respond determines our future. - Teko Bailey Click To Tweet

It’s important to understand that you are in control of how you choose to respond to  circumstances, people, and events. We can respond in very negative or limiting ways or we can choose to respond with a positive and productive attitude that may lead to unexpected opportunities. Often times, adversity provides us with an opportunity to learn some tough lessons that can help us as we journey through life. My dad who is a brilliant machinist says, “never say it can’t be done”, there’s always a way. Each of us has the freedom to choose our beliefs, words, thoughts, and attitude we bring to every situation. These in turn help to form our perspective and shape our views on life.

Our mindset in approaching every situation is key to our success. It doesn’t mean you’ll never experience failure but rather what you learn from failing can determine your future success. We have a responsibility for the role we play in this story of life but, it’s our view of that role that may affect the way we respond. Whether your story is one of empowerment or defeat, how you see that story determines how you move forward.

In my next post I’ll share a little on Adversity and Expectations and how to keep moving forward when you are faced with adversity. I hope this gave you some new lens to look at life.

Question: How have you dealt with adversity in your life? Were you able to learn from it? Share your thoughts.