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Hello! My Name Is Teko Bailey

Originally from the Island of Jamaica but I’ve lived in places like Australia, Sierra Leone, Sweden, Cuba, Egypt, and New York to name a few. I agree with Trevor Noah, that “traveling is the greatest antidote to ignorance”, because your mind is exposed to a world that does not have you as the center of it, and there is always so much to learn when we’re open. Traveling has taught me that human knowledge and the experience of sharing that knowledge is one of the highest forms of riches that should be sought after.


That’s why I love Mastermind Groups, because they teach us that what we need to get to a place of success is also found in the shared experience of others.


I’m looking for people who want to grow, develop themselves, and test the limits of their dreams. In my mastermind approach, I use the John Maxwell structure of training, using selected books and packaged resources to help you grow and unlock your potential. These and other proven principles will help you overcome roadblocks from past failures, lack of identity and value, poor communication skills and simply not using the right principles to grow to improve your level of success. I grew up in an environment believing that anything is possible, once you have a spirit of perseverance and surround yourself with the right people. Why not choose to surround yourself with like-minded people this season and join the group. If you grow and develop, everything else around you, will.


You are ready to make the move from ``going with the flow`` to taking ownership of your life.

You are ready to define success for YOU, not based on what others say.

You are able to commit to a weekly mastermind group meeting.

You are ready to move from surviving to THRIVING!


Aug.2nd – Sep.6th. Every Wednesday, 6:30 PM. For 6 weeks. 

Consistent attendance is needed to experience maximum results from the group.  In a mastermind group, it is important that we show up for each other—not just to receive, but to give. Remember this is a place where knowledge from the book and shared experience from other will unlock growth.


This group will be focused on John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth book.


The whole meeting lasts about an hour and I try and abide by a strict structure so its all business.

1. Let’s Talk About Our Wins!

I like to start off on a high note and spend the first 10 minutes discussing our wins for the week. Anything that you can consider a win is good to talk about. I like to focus more on wins that are related to your area of growth, but wins can be anything really.

2. Quick Overview Of The Workbook.

There is so much to learn from the book that we’ll be reading through over the mastermind time. The workbooks are a great way to learn quickly what the chapter is about, have the information written succinctly so whenever you need to brush up on your learning, it’s real easy.

3. Making Growth Practical.

After we share our wins and work through the workbook, one or two persons in the group spends about 20 minutes in the hot seat. In the hot seat the selected member presents their problem, issue or idea to the rest of the group related to the chapters of the week. Then the rest of the group provides honest feedback to the member about their idea or direction in order to help the hot seat member break through any problem spots, or open their mind to a unique direction, while providing a positive outcome for their goal.

4. Goals & Accomplishments

After the hot seat time has ended, we spend the last 10 minutes having each member discuss their goals and accomplishments for the upcoming week. This should help everyone be more productive overall as there is a bit of accountability each week.





The Law of Intentionality

Growth Doesn’t Just Happen


The Law of Awareness

You Must Know Yourself To Grow Yourself



The Law of the Mirror

You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself


The Law of Reflection

Learning to Pause Allows Growth to Catch Up with You



The Law of Consistency

Motivation Gets You Going – Discipline Keeps You Growing


The Law of Environment

Growth Thrives in Conducive Surroundings


The Law of Design

To Maximize Growth, Develop Strategies



The Law of Pain

Good Management of Bad Experiences Leads to Great Growth


The Law of the Ladder

Character Growth Determines the Height of Your Personal Growth


The Law of the Rubber Band

Growth Stops When You Lose the Tension Between Where You Are and Where You Could Be



The Law of Trade-Offs

You Have to Give Up to Grow Up


The Law of Curiosity

Growth Is Stimulated by Asking Why?


The Law of Modeling

It’s Hard To Improve When You Have No One but Yourself to Follow



The Law of Expansion

Growing Always Increases Your Capacity


The Law of Contribution

Growing Yourself Enables You to Grow Others


Wrap Up


If you grow and develop, everything else around you, will.


Limited Seats Available, So Sign Up Now.



Still need more details? Please feel free to contact me. I’d love to connect with you.


Email:      eltko2(at)gmail(dot)com

Phone:    315-282-5892