Teko Bailey | Five Tips for those who will lead the Future
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Five Tips for those who will lead the Future

Andy Stanley, senior pastor of the megachurch, North Point Community Church and author to over a dozen books is passionate about leadership, being a visionary and preparing the next generation of leaders. Prior to reading this book, I didn’t know much about him but there was so much to learn from his Next Generation Leader that I just had to learn about the man behind the words. Anyone can implement in their own life or pass on as teaching points to others, the tips highlighted in this book. This isn’t a comprehensive summary of the book but rather just five of the many tips that I chose to highlight.

1. Find a good leadership coach

– This can be someone who you believe is really good or experienced at what they do and you would like their input to grow in an area. Except stay away from using the word “coach”, this may scare the person away. More than likely the men and women you target don’t have the time to prepare anything or develop a training program. Simply ask them to evaluate a specific area of your leadership, or give their opinion. Your aim is to grow on your weak areas. If you have chosen wisely their input will become quite valuable. The important thing is to ask specific questions and focus on a specific area.

What do Coaches do? Coaches focus on future possibilities not past mistakes. - John Whitmore Click To Tweet

Eg. If the person is a leader in the area you serve you could simply ask them to evaluate how you lead out in meetings or if they notice any unhealthy dynamics in your group etc.

2. Always be a learner

 – Learn everything you can about yourself from anybody who will pause long enough to observe and evaluate. Look for an environment where you will be coached, not just paid. In the early years of your career what you learn is far more important than what you earn. In fact Stanley says it nicely that “what you learn early on will determine what you earn later”. As a leader what you don’t know about yourself can put a lid on your leadership. You owe it to yourself and to those who choose to follow you.

3. Share what you know

– As a leader you are not responsible for knowing everything there is to know about leadership. But you are responsible for sharing what you know with leaders around you. As you pour into their cup what God and others have poured into yours, they will go farther and faster. They will be better leaders having known you.

What you learn early on will determine what you earn later on - Andy Stanley. http://bit.ly/tekohintsa-leadership Click To Tweet

4. Become a leadership coach

– While you are looking for a leadership coach, never underestimate your experiences and what you’ve learnt, go ahead and become a coach to another leader around you. You may  not feel adequate but trust me you’d be surprised how much you have to share.

5. Observe, Instruct, Inspire

– Invite someone who will observe you lead, as leaders we are always on center stage in front of all those who have chosen to follow us. An observant coach can evaluate and help you lead better. Good leadership coaches are also teachers, they can help to instruct you in the right way. A good leadership coach will do everything he or she can to help you close the gap between your potential and you performance. That may include brutal honesty so don’t be easily offended. He or she will inspire in you a mental image of what could and should be true of you as a leader. So, get on with it and start leading today.

Question: Which one of these five tips will you implement this week to become a better leader? 

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