Teko Bailey | 4 Techniques To Help You “score” Your Goals – Part 1
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4 Techniques To Help You “score” Your Goals – Part 1

Before a football player scores a goal in any competition, he usually takes some time to practice techniques which may help him win at his game. Usually the more time he invests in preparing, the better the chances of winning. Like the famous Pele from Brazil, he learnt a technique called the Bicycle Kick” along with other styles, and for this he became world famous. Pele’s father often taught him to train his weaker spots. His father said, “you were born playing with your right leg, so start to train more with your left”. And, “if you head with your eyes closed, you’ll never see the ball, train to head the ball with your eyes open”. At an early age Pele was determined to win and had a “not giving up attitude”. Not only that but Pele’s dad helped him to diversify his playing techniques which gave him an advantage over many other players, not only using his unique gifts (natural abilities) but improving them. During Pele’s childhood years he did not have the luxury of a football, so his dad would roll several socks into a ball and that became his football. While you may not be a footballer/ soccer player, the same principle applies. To succeed at your goals you must invest time and energy developing yourself. Here are four tips that could help you to “score your goals” in your field of work.

In order to be successful at your goals you must understand what drives you and how the mind works.


  • Begin with a Positive Attitude: Having a positive attitude can take you a far way. This is a key ingredient in growing and learning. People love being around and helping others who have a positive approach to life. Whether you’re learning informally or in a formal setting, people can feel your energy and decide whether or not they want to go the extra mile to help you succeed at life. And as “John Maxwell says, no one is successful by himself”. I’m not saying that every day will work out perfectly, there are times when adverse circumstances kick in, however, how you deal with that is dependent on the perspective in which you view your situation. Practice surrounding yourself with people who have your best interest at heart as best as you can, they can help in times when you’re not at your best and help you stay centered. So starting today, consider approaching life with a more positive attitude, you may never know just who may assist you in a time of need.  

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  • Be Motivated: Motivation gives you that extra boost to get started, but you must first understand what motivates you and how motivation works. Motivation doesn’t work for everyone the same way, nor does it work the same way in every situation. It is as unique as the tone of your voice. And according to Sigmund Freud, you either take action moving towards pleasure or away from pain. Therefore the decisions you use to motivate yourself will depend on how you interpret pain and pleasure in your life, which depends on your past experiences of pain and pleasure. Being motivated is more psychological than we sometimes realize. In the book Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith, he explains how our reactions are a result of the sum of triggers in our environment which are often unrecognized and makes it seem as if our environment is out of our control. However, we do have a choice in how we respond. You can monitor yourself and create daily active questions to become more aware of why you do what you do, and why the things that do or do not, motivate and influence you in the way they do.

We’ll continue the next two tips in part two of 4 Techniques To Help You “score” Your goals.

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Until next time, keep on growing.