Teko Bailey | 4 Ingredients to Help you “score” Your Goals – Part 2
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4 Ingredients to Help you “score” Your Goals – Part 2

In Part 1 of our recent post, I shared with you the first two techniques on how you can “score” your goals: using a positive attitude and understanding what motivates you.  In this blog we’ll look at the next two.

It is easy to go through life and simply imitate what you see others do. Yes, as humans we like to find the easy way to get things done, I too fall prey to this from time to time. To live a purpose-driven life where you are counting the cost and calculating the decisions you make is never easy. However, the more you practice this is the better you become at executing (or creating)  goals that line up with the things you value.  Most successful people practice this habit and it has helped them succeed at life. An example of this is one of Netflix’s popular series – Madam Secretary. The series depicts the secretary of state making tough decisions on a regular basis and weighing on what the end result will be based on the actions that are taken. She usually hits the target, and in order to do so in our own lives, I encourage these next two tips:

To live a purpose-driven life where you are counting the cost and calculating the decisions you make is never easy Click To Tweet


  • What story have I believed in that’s preventing me from succeeding at my goal(s)?
  • Who is a good friend that I have who will be honest about my negative life patterns?
  • What small successes have I made that can help motivate me towards reaching my goals?
  • What limiting behaviors or habits am I practicing that’s holding me back?
  • How are these thoughts, questions, emotions and beliefs holding me back from achieving my goal(s)?
  • When did I start practicing this behavior?
  • Why do I continue to behave this way?
  • How is this behavior preventing me from succeeding spiritually, emotionally, financially academically, sexually, socially?
  • What new behavior do I replace these old ones with?
  • How would I feel if I get to achieve my goal(s)
  • What if this plan doesn’t work, will I give up? Will I find another way?
  • Am I willing to suffer short-term pain for long-term pleasure?


  1. Create a Template: It is helpful to create a simple template that can help you keep on track. Here is an example which I found at www.developgoodhabits.com
























These are just a few suggestion which both myself and others have used to succeed in various areas of life. I hope it will help you grow, think differently and learn to “score” more of your goals as you journey through life. Don’t forget to celebrate the small wins, they will help overcome bigger challenges.


What’s the next topic you’d like me to share on?

Don’t forget to share your comments on what’s been working for you.


Until next time, keep on growing.